bedroom style inspiration

In need of a little bedroom style inspiration?

You know you’re in need of a little bedroom style inspiration when everything starts to look a bit old and dated.  I don’t just mean the mattress (which by the way, when was the last time you invested in a new one?  They don’t come with life time guarantees like you may think).

If you answer yes to any of the following – you know it’s time for some bedroom style inspiration.

  • The carpet needs replaced.
  • Paint or wallpaper is crumbling off the walls
  • Paint chips or stains on bedside tables
  • You’ve outgrown the furniture or had the same furniture for 20 years.
  • The curtains are faded and need replaced.

We’ve all been there.  Sometimes you just get used to the decor and you’re so tired at night you just collapse into bed.  For most people it’s when the brighter mornings come into season that tend to show up every detail from chipped furniture to stains on the carpet.

Where do you start when looking for some style inspiration for your bedroom?

Do you look for bedroom style inspiration in magazines, pour over Pinterest or go so far down the rabbit hole of Instagram that you forgot what you were looking for?

It’s time to create a plan

Whether you prefer the old fashioned way and like to tear out from magazines. Gather these and put them into a file or stick them onto a pin board which will help you create your vision.

I find Pinterest is the best for finding inspiration as you can see everything together and create sub folders to make it easier i.e. your board could be called Bedroom then have separate boards for Lighting, Carpet, Colours etc.  It won’t be long before you start to see a pattern form of similar images you like.  This is how you find out what your unique bedroom style is.  It could be a mix of several things you like about them.  You can have a look at mine HERE>>

Follow these easy steps to create your bedroom style inspiration.


Have a look around and really decide what’s staying and what needs to go.  This could be the main thing that is not working anymore.  i.e. bedside tables/wardrobes, are they ugly but functional?  Questions to ask:

Could they be upcycled by painting and adding new handles. Consider painting these the same colour as your walls which helps camouflage items you don’t want to draw attention to and place fabulous lamps on them.

If you decide nothing can be done, then bite the bullet and go shopping.  See shopping tips below


Before buying furniture, think about the style or look you want to achieve.  If it’s a small room you may want something more open on legs or mirrored (yes it will get dusty but in terms of opening out the space in a small room, it’s worth it).  Do your measurements and keep a note on your phone.

In terms of style try to go for something classic that never dates, we don’t tend to change bedroom furniture that often.  You will of course have loads of ideas to refer to from your Pinterest boards


Beds//Bedding & Mattresses – How are you sleeping?  Would you benefit from a new bed and mattress?  Your mattress doesn’t come with a life time guarantee, it will need looking after (turning every so often) etc.  Things to Consider

  • Investing in a new mattress.  Do your homework before buying and buy the best you can afford.  I have found Kingkoil to be exceptional.
  • A mattress topper.  I’ve invested in this and can tell you from experience it is well worth it.
  • Luxurious bedding.  My preference is white for that lux hotel chic look.  You will sleep like a baby and apart from that, you’re worth the expense.
  • A silk pillowcase.  This is a game changer – no more crease marks on your face in the morning – need I say more!

Clean it up – It’s time to clear the room.  From wardrobes to bedside tables and clutter.  

A good cleanse will not only afford you some space but feels really good and declutters your mind. (ok maybe that’s just me)  but honestly give it a go.

If you need help de-cluttering you will find all the help you need with these two lovely ladies, Claire and Lisa from Order In The House.  I had the pleasure of chatting to them and what they do is amazing!  You can find out more HERE>>


The Colour – This is the exciting bit.  Choosing your new paint colour.  Nothing feels fresher than a new paint colour.  So what are your findings, what’s your style discovery?  Have your been pinning light and airy images with elements of natural wood or chic and sophisticated with a dark and moody vibe.   If you need help with this find out more about paint colours HERE>>

Choose your paint colour and paint onto 2ft x 2ft square paper. Move this around the room and look at it morning, noon and night before deciding.


Flooring – Are you replacing the existing carpet for a luxurious ‘sink you’re toes into’ deep pile (there’s nothing better on a chilly morning) or solid wood flooring, engineered or laminate.  If it’s the latter I would consider placing a large area rug just peeking underneath the bed.


Curtains – Decide on black out curtains for total darkness.  You will find all you need to know about choosing bedroom curtains  HERE>>


Lighting – Consider if you require reading lights and or table lamps. I love investing in beautiful table lamps for the bedroom because they can really elevate the room.  A ceiling light or spot lights on a dimmer switch.  (just make sure you use the correct LED bulbs required).


Pulling everything together – This is where the magic begins, and the part that most people struggle with, everything goes well up until this point.  The little trinkets and accessories along with cushions, artwork, and mirrors all play a special part in bringing your style and scheme to life.  (just  remember we’re eliminating clutter so less is more).  Do this well and you will have created the magic and final step to finishing off your room.  I know you can lose interest at this stage or feel a bit lost and if that’s the case, I have your covered.   See below on Home Dressing.

Now that you have a plan of how to get your bedroom style inspiration you will want to put it into action.  You can start the ball rolling HERE>>

introducing… Home Dressing

I know some of you have got the big things under control such as bought the sofa, painted the room added the tables and lamps but there’s just something missing!  
It’s pulling it all together that you find difficult. 
This is when the magic happens.  A few adjustments here and there, even how you display your cushions makes a difference and those of you who have experienced this working with me,  know that dressing or styling really works.
Using what you have already (and I know I will find something in your home) adding a few well chosen pieces curated by me and a shopping list, we will dress your home and bring those all important pieces together, hopefully in a day.
How it will work
  • A consultation to assess what you have and what you need.  This can work online with images of what I need from you.
  • Online – A shopping list and placement of items for you to purchase yourself and guidance of placement
  • OR
  • I will bring items to you (now that the shops have re-opened) and dress your home for you.