I know how busy you ladies are, a lot of my clients are business owners and juggle whatever time they have left keeping up with their lives. They feel the same frustrations of wanting a beautiful, practical home that works perfectly for their lifestyle but they just don’t have time to put this into action.

You want someone who understands what makes you ‘tick’, what your needs are, and to have the confidence and trust in someone to make this happen.

Is this you?

Not having decorated for about 20 years, my client felt out of her depth as to how to go about it, things had moved on since she last decorated and she felt unsure where to even begin. The kids had moved on to Uni, and moved out and time just seemed to go by in a flash. We arranged a consultation and everything just flowed from there, she was able to get on with life and felt reassured that the decisions being made were the right choices for her as the project evolved at her pace.

Now that we have adapted our lifestyle to comply with Covid-19 standards we are able to offer these home design services online as an option, and so far this has proved to be great for those who wanted to employ my services but lived further away.

And the service doesn’t stop there.

When you have worked with me, you gain confidence in decorating your home and pick up a few valuable tips along the way.  You feel proud of your home but not in a fussy way.  Those who have experienced working with me feel comfortable giving me a call long after our design service to ask my advice on something simple, whether it’s the right choice in choosing something for another home project or sending me a picture of something they’ve fallen in love with before making an expensive purchase.  As a client once said “It’s like having an interior designer in your pocket.”

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