Do you struggle with decorating and making good buying decisions for your home?

Will that new piece of furniture fit in with everything else in the room?  Do you spend a lot of money on painting and decorating and it still doesn’t look right?  Are you unsure how to pull everything together?  Read on to see how Heather can help you with all of these and much more.

Typical problems I help solve

  • Want to redecorate but not sure where to start
  • Unsure which colours to choose, so stay stuck in your comfort zone
  • Get so far with decorating and buying furniture then get stuck/give up
  • Have purchased a turnkey apartment/house and whilst everything is shiny and new it looks bland and your worried you won’t make the right choices
  • Planning permission for a new-build, lots of decisions have to be made.  You feel overwhelmed, there’s a lot at stake and you need/want to get it right first time
  • Spend time looking at lovely images of homes and wish you could achieve that look
  • Want to gain confidence and guidance in choosing colour, pattern, accessorising and layering your scheme
  • Not sure what style you would like, get bored easily but don’t have the budget to decorate all the time

Read the testimonials to see how I have helped

What you can expect

A  consultation in the privacy of your own home which can last up to 2 hours, after which you have the option of taking it to the next step.

The next step

Some time will be spent finding out about you and your family’s individual needs in the home.

From fabric and wallpaper to paint colour charts, you don’t have to lift a finger: Heather will co-ordinate everything for you.

All materials are sourced according to budget, from all leading design houses to more affordable ranges from unlimited suppliers.  The aim is to enable you to have the design experience as stress-free as possible and carried out to the highest standard.

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Other Services Available

Colour Consultation

If you have tried every paint colour under the sun and still unsure which one to choose, or maybe you are unsure which colours will flow together from room to room.  Don’t worry, help is at hand.

You will gain confidence in choosing colour and feel assured you have made the right decision with my guidance.  Heather will show you how to make the most of your home with clever tips on making the most of your space.  At this stage painters and decorators can be recommended.

Goodbye stress!

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Window Treatments

Advice can be given on the most suitable treatment for your windows; whether it’s a tailored look with roman blinds or silk interlined indulgence. Service includes: measuring, making up and delivery of curtains to you, ready to be hang.  Alternatively why not make use of the curtain installation service we provide, giving you peace of mind that they will hang to perfection.

Add the finishing touches with bespoke cushions designed by Heather for that attention to detail.

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Home Styling

Don’t have a clue about interior design and just want a beautiful home?  Start here.

No matter how much you decorate, buy new furniture, it just doesn’t seem right.  Styling your home is the key ingredient you need to finish off your scheme.  Dressing or styling your home can be as little as one room or the entire house.

What’s Involved?

  • Re-using your existing accessories or updating and purchasing new
  • Styling everything from coffee tables, bookcases, fireplace mantels to kitchen shelving and everything in between
  • Everything sourced, delivered and styled

When would you use this?

  • Swap out accessories season to season, so Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter
  • It could be for a special occasion like Christmas, Wedding Parties or Baby Showers
  • When you are entertaining or just want/need your home to look good.

Who is this for?

  • Don’t know how to go about interior design and just want a beautiful home
  • Don’t have time to do it and just want  a beautiful home to relax and socialise in
  • Get frustrated about decorating and how to pull it all together with their existing pieces.

What to do next

  • Arrange a home visit  (visit normally lasts about 2 x hours) Email:
  • Tell me which room you would like to style
  • An edit will be made upon what you already have to work with and what you need
  • Goods will be sourced, and delivered ready to start styling your home

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VIP Package

This package was designed for those of you who don’t have time to shop around for items for your home or struggle with doing so.   This could be anything you need help with.  Choosing tiles for your kitchen or bathroom, flooring, sofas and occasional furniture, really anything that you don’t have time to source or just can’t make a decision on.

Very popular, so book time in advance.

If you’ve ever bought something because it was such a good bargain you couldn’t pass it up, only to find it doesn’t look as good as it did in the showroom.  Then this is the package for you.  We all love a good bargain but it’s disheartening to find it’s gathering dust somewhere because it doesn’t quite fit in.  No more wasting money on items that a) you don’t need  and b) you don’t know what to do with it or where to put it.

This service has proved to be invaluable to clients, especially for those unable to or without time to shop around for household items.

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How this works

Don’t worry – it’s not a jolly day out around the shops for the day.  We will have already discussed what and where items are to be purchased.

With four hours to do whatever you need, the choice is yours.  It will start with a home visit to assess your needs, measure up and take photos of the area if required.

Give me a call for more details.

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Questions & Answers

Q Is it expensive to hire you as an Interior Designer?

A In terms of what you gain.  No.

  • You can tailor it to suit your needs.  It’s not a one fee suits all. 
  • This can be at an hourly rate or a block of hours whichever is more beneficial to you
  • There is a pay in instalments option

Q What are the benefits to me?


  • You avoid making costly mistakes
  • You get it right first time
  • Peace of mind in knowing that everything will be carried out to a professional level
  • Lets you get on with living your life while I take the stress out of it

Q What’s involved in a consultation?

A On our initial consultation, (a short questionnaire will be filled in previous to our appointment, allowing you to make the most of the appointment).  You may want to make notes as we go along and pick up valuable tips along the way.  Most clients also find it useful to have a list of questions they need help with.  Generally this takes an hour depending on the size of your project, i.e. one or two rooms.  My aim is to help you and you are under no obligation to continue with my service and will not be plagued with emails/calls thereafter

Having a network of skilled, experienced and professional artisans in sewing, upholstery and related techniques means you can rest assured that all work carried out is to the highest standard, personally overseen from initial concept to final installation by Heather.

Having come to the end of your design experience and one I trust you will have enjoyed, keep in touch.

Heather x