February Home:   To Do List



Choose a room you want to actively start or finish.  It could be deciding on a paint colour or choosing the right accessories to pull everything together.

Here’s a quick start guide to your new project!

  • Take a look at your existing furniture and décor.  Get rid of any furniture that is damaged, outdated, too big, too small or you just don’t feel the love for any more.  Now you have the pieces you want, you’re ready for the next step!
  • Choose a colour palette.   Colour will set the tone of the room.  Just remember, cool colours create space, warm colours draw the room in – think cosy.  At this stage choose colours you love and won’t tire of, you can accessorise with current trends.
  • What’s your style?  Pinterest is fantastic for this.  Create a few boards, tear out images from magazines of interiors you love.  You should begin to see a sense of style forming.
  • Now that you have your style, it’s time to purchase new furniture.  Start with the big items, sofas, flooring, storage or any bespoke built in furniture.  These are more expensive and will take up a large area of the room.