Hey everyone, I hope you’re all coping during lockdown and falling into some sort of routine that’s starting to be the new normal. Now more than ever we need to look after ourselves in any way that brings us comfort. So I thought I would share with you a few things I’ve been enjoying at the moment.


I’ve been working on my sleep routine, which has been really bad since Covid-19. Reading or listening to constant news updates last thing at night didn’t help, so I’ve stopped doing this and instead get lost in a book at bedtime. I also love using the White Company’s pillow mist and their candle to trigger my ‘time for bed’ routine. In the morning I use the energising roller ball to help get me out of bed. Have you been adding anything new into your bedtime routines? I’d love to hear what’s working for you.

Working Out At Home

Thank goodness for Zoom! I’ve been managing to join my workout classes which at least is keeping some sort of normal routine going ;). Treating myself to new gym gear has helped with the motivation.

Image Source The White Company

What To Wear When Working From Home

Operating my business from home means I’ve always dressed for work depending on what I have on that day. My day can vary quite a bit from consultations, sourcing furniture and delivering, to curtain installations. So now I find I’m stuck at home all day it has challenged me more than I thought. I’ve been leaning more towards a comfortable, casual but polished look if that makes sense. I still need to be in work mode, so dressing for work really puts my head in the right place and shifting to video calls has replaced the face to face meetings and consultations. I have to admit comfy dressing feels great and as much as I love my heels, I’ve been loving the trend in ‘comfy slippers’

Image Source The White Company

I’m loving these!

Image Source Mayberry slippers, EMU Australia
Image Source Freepeople

Do you have a ‘working from home’ capsule wardrobe that you’ve created and have you gone down the trendy, comfy slippers road too?

Until next time, stay safe, stay home and stay strong! xo