Decorating your new build can seem daunting, some can’t wait to get started and others feel overwhelmed.

Along with your busy lives you want/need to find time to create the home of your dreams or at the very least, the home that suits your lifestyle.  This is your chance to get it right!

In brief, this quick guideline will keep you feeling sane amongst the millions of decisions you will encounter on your journey to becoming a new build home owner!

Paint or Wallpaper

Many new build homeowners paint the walls first in a neutral colour just to get them moved in, you will have settling cracks in the beginning, so you won’t want to ruin that beautiful wallpaper you’ve been lusting over.  Although tempting to start right away, my advice is to get a feel for your new home and make a plan of the colours you would like to use throughout.  You will quickly learn how the light works in each room and which areas of the home you use the most.

Take your time and and start getting ideas of the kind of style you want to achieve.  Pinterest is great for this, or maybe you prefer to clip out images and put them into a folder.


More important than choosing paint colours, and an area that is greatly overlooked, is your light planning.  I can’t stress enough how much this will affect your design scheme, it will make or break it.  A lot of thought should be taken into consideration, it is just as important as choosing your kitchen, bathroom or flooring.  You really will appreciate this later when you actually start living in your new home.  Just think of the activities in each room and the mood you want to create as a guideline.  There should be three types of lighting in each room.

Each area of light to consider

  • Pendants
  • Table Lamps
  • Task lighting (for reading, homework etc)
  • Spot lights

Dining rooms and Bedrooms

Consider using dimmer switches in these areas so that you can control the light to create a more ambient atmosphere.

Living Area

You will know where to place your sofas, side tables etc., but do you have room for say a console table to sit behind the sofa?Especially in large open plan areas, you may want to incorporate floor sockets to use for table lamps on the console which creates a very relaxed look.


Perhaps you don’t have room for side tables and table lamps, you could have two pendants either side of the bed which looks beautiful and practical too.


When you have a general idea of the look you want, then you can start on the areas that are important to you.  Most start with the kitchen, living area and downstairs cloaks (the bedrooms generally are last on the list unless they are kids bedrooms).

I hope this gives you a brief outline of where to start with decorating your new build and if you would like further help and guidance see below x

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