I’m sharing on today’s blog something I receive through my inbox all the time, so I think it’s time I discussed it.

Time and time again I hear the frustrations of those of you who are really struggling with so much choice, you feel so confused you really don’t know what your style is or if you even have one, as you like so many different things.

This came about when my client just couldn’t make a decision on the colour of cabinetry in her bathroom which of course led to which tiles to choose etc. She loved everything she was presented with in the bathroom showrooms, especially the current trends at the moment.

So she called me and I could hear from her voice that she felt all over the place and it stopped her moving on with the project, which is why she feels nothing ever get’s done. She isn’t alone on this, sometimes you just need to take a step back and breath and remember you have a plan. And I’m glad to say after our conversation and a quick trip to the showroom, all was resolved.

And so this prompted me to offer you a quick guide when faced with trying to find out what your style is, what you like and what will work for your home.

I find using Pinterest is a great way to discovering your style and what you are drawn to. If you prefer magazines then use that. Pin or tear out images you like, don’t think too much about it just choose anything that catches your eye and keep going. Now you are going to revisit these images and you will notice that you pin or tear out the same sort of thing, it could be colours of a room or a style of furniture that keeps popping up. You will start to see from this some form of pattern or repeat of choosing the same kind of images. This is your style or the kind of thing you like and will be your starting point.

Colour – If you would like to choose a colour to break away from the neutrals, choose a colour you love and will never tire of . Trends will come and go and it’s a sure way of looking dated so keep these trends for smaller items that are easily replaced.

Furniture – Think about your entire home – does the style fit in or mix in well with your existing furnishings? Or maybe you are looking to try a new style, just look for similarities in shape and style ie. antique mirrored glass looks at home with some antique wood pieces .

Happy decorating !

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