How do you make a small living room look elegant?… is something I get asked a lot during consultations and just because you have a small living space doesn’t mean it can’t look elegant.  I’m sharing with you a few little tips and tricks that you can put into action when you’re decorating your living room.

How to make a small living room look elegant

Elegant small living room step 1

Window dressing: 

Choosing curtains or blinds a similar colour to your walls to avoid too much contrast will create a spacious look.  Don’t worry about them looking too bland just make sure you introduce texture, in say a velvet or open chunky weave.

Avoid fussy curtain headings and aim for streamlined styles which will allow a neat stack back to let light flood in.

Elegant small living room step 2

Consider light:

Natural light opens up a space and instantly creates an elegant glow in the room.  If you have a north facing room, you can help create this with using the right paint colour depending on your colour theme.  Layering your lighting scheme will also work wonders for your space.  Incorporate light fixtures for ceiling, floor and table lamps and you will be well covered.

Elegant small living room step 3

Paint Colour:

Painting your walls a darker colour can actually make a space bigger and very elegant.   If you are daring, why not go for a bold elegant wallpaper which draws your attention away from the room size.

Painting your skirting a darker colour than the walls is another elegant and finished look to a small space.  This really makes the walls look lighter and therefore bigger.  I also like to treat the wall and skirting in the same colour in a small room as it really pushes out the walls and blurs the confines of the room.

You can find more help on colour >>HERE

Elegant small living room step 4

Furniture Styles:

For a sophisticated, elegant style choose sofas and accent chairs raised on legs to create an illusion of space and flow as opposed to solid furniture to the floor. 

Elegant small living room step 5


Keep the area clean and tidy, there’s nothing as effective than clearing the room of unwanted clutter to get the feeling of spaciousness.  Then try to incorporate furniture back into the room that complements the elegant design you are trying to achieve.

Talking of de-cluttering, you may find this video useful >>HERE

Elegant small living room step 6

Colour palette:

Neutral tones create space and elegance.  They’re also the perfect backdrop for accent pieces such as mirrors, lighting and artwork.  Fabrics in soft muted tones like beige and white, taupe or truffle think of luxurious fabrics such as linens, silks or velvets.  Adding black to the scheme will give it some depth and contrast.  My favourite neutrals are black, tan, cream and white. Mixing materials in pewter or soft golds along with marble will evoke richness and elegance.

Elegant small living room step 7

Elegant small living room step 8

Elegant Mirrors:

Not only do I love this black and white monochrome look in this small elegant space, the use of a mirror displayed on the wall flanked by framed art work really fills out the wall making good use of this space.  We all know by now, how mirrors really do open out the space but if choosing a really large mirror isn’t an option then you can try something like this.

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I hope you found these steps useful and feel inspired in transforming your small living room into an elegant space!

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