Multipurpose furniture is your go to when designing a small space, especially a living room which may have to function as an office , considering how quite a lot of us are working from home now.

If the space is tight, having furniture that has many functions will make your life so much easier so I’m listing my top 6 multipurpose furniture pieces below.

Multipurpose Furniture No. 1

Sofa Beds

It may be you only have a small living room and space is limited when guests come to stay, choosing a sofa bed is perfect for this.

Multipurpose Furniture No. 2




Console Table or Desk

Make clever use of a console table if you need to set up an office area which is something we’ve all had to do more recently.  This can also serve as a dressing table when you have guests staying over. 





Multipurpose Furniture No. 3

Sideboard/Chest of Drawers

Sideboards or a large chest of drawers are great to use for placing widescreen t.v.’s instead of having something specifically for a t.v. which normally has open shelves.  You can have added storage with drawers or cupboards.

Multipurpose Furniture No. 4


This is my favourite piece to use in small living rooms and truly works the hardest.  Not only do they look good, add softness to a room but can be used as extra seating, storage and a coffee table.

Multipurpose Furniture No. 5

Sectional Wall Shelves/Bookcase

If you don’t have a fireplace or focal point you can create one with shelving and storage underneath.  Ikea have an affordable range for this sort of thing and you can even make it look more custom made with the help of a good joiner.  

The t.v. can be placed here, use as a bookcase and storage, you can even style it up with a mini drinks bar, very chic!

Multipurpose Furniture No. 6

Pouffes Or A Coffee Table with Stools Underneath

Last but not least, the humble pouffe can come with storage solutions and can take the place of coffee tables if you don’t have the space for a large coffee table with stools underneath.  The pouffe can also be used as a footstool and look good when grouped in two’s.

And there you have it, my top  6 multipurpose furniture pieces.  There are many more but these are generally my go to pieces for small spaces.

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