New Home Colour Sceme

Choosing a colour scheme for your new home is exciting, but picking out colours that you both love can be exhausting…

I’m still loving the inky blues as a strong bold move, not too masculine especially if you introduce the rich caramel tones or dare I say it, a little mix of blush pink. The end result is a bold statement with an infusion of warm, relaxing tones. The perfect start to planning your ‘New Home’ party!

What are your plans for a colour scheme for your new home? Do you love the same colours or total opposites when it comes to colour? Maybe you’ve gone down the road of staying neutral and adding in bold splashes of colour here and there.

If you would like to choose colours with confidence and get it right the first time, maybe a colour consultation is just what you need, you can find out more about paint colours by clicking below


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