Who it’s for: 
You’ve moved into your new home and don’t know where to start. Maybe you have existing furniture that you’re unsure whether it will fit in with the new style you want to create. It can feel daunting decorating your new home. Some can’t wait to get started and others feel overwhelmed.

“Another week has gone by and I still haven’t made a decision”

After all the expense in finally buying and moving into your new home, you don’t want to blow the budget in making mistakes that cost you money.

You want to get it right first time and have a plan to do everything in stages or at your own pace.

“How do I know the best furniture layout for this space”

What’s included:

Paint Colours

A colour palette will be chosen uniquely for you and taking into account your existing furnishings.  Painted sample swatches will be provided and sent to you  .  You will learn the steps you need to take to paint your space including the finish and where to put it.  No more sleepless nights wondering which colour to choose.

3 Floor Plans

A furniture layout plan that makes the best use of your space will be drawn up. Now instead of guessing what furniture best suits and more importantly, what size fits the space, everything will be selected for you so that you know exactly what pieces of furniture you need.  

3 Mood Boards  

Most clients start with 3 x rooms, the kitchen, living room and bedroom.   You can choose which areas you prefer

Shopping List

3 Mood BoA Shopping List

A list of where to buy or if you prefer, you can find similar items by taking images on your phone while out shopping.

To Do List

The prioritised to-do-list and how to put your room together along with tips and advice.


3d Rendering

If you find it hard to visualise and need to see how it will look.

Designer on Call

Maybe you are happy to do some of the work yourself but need a little bit of guidance.