Still unsure which paint colour trend to choose?

Paint Colour Trends

Paint colour trends can be tricky, you want your home to look up to date and love some of the new colour trends but you’re not quite sure whether your home can pull it off?   Well let me take the fear out of this for you.  As a designer I look forward to the announcement of new paint colour trends, however if you have ever had a paint colour consultation with me, you will know I only ever recommend a colour trend if it is a colour that you already love or part of the same colour family.  

Why?  Because you will get so bored with it and before you know it, everyone has had the same idea and you’re fed up looking at it.  That’s why I tend to use colour trends in smaller doses.

How. I would use the colour in a smaller area of the house (usually the downstairs loo).  You can be brave with colour here, try it out first to see if you can live with it.  Another way is to use the colour trend in accessories or artwork.   Your home will always look up to date and you can swap it out for the next colour trend that takes your fancy.

2021 Colour Trends

Pantone (the big colour decision makers, to me and you)  have announced the Colour Of The Year as Illuminating and Ultimate Grey.   You will see this filtering through the world of interiors , from home goods and accessories to fashion.

So what does that mean to us?  As far as interiors are concerned, we will still be seeing the greys in circulation, and although I’m tired of this as a paint colour, I will still use it as a neutral in some furniture pieces.  The bright yellow can be hard to pull off but if we use it in smaller accessories it can be quite cheering.  There’s no doubt it pops with the greys, think even of the mustard yellow and greys and my personal favourite, gold and greys, a modern day classic.


Colours for your home

This year the focus is on wellness in our homes.  The use of paint colours in relaxing tones along with ambient lighting and of course, scent, all play their part in creating a positive space for our home this year.  As we enter into another year spending more time at home, how can we change our surroundings to help us feel a sense of calm amongst all of the chaos?   News streams into our homes whether it’s watching the news on t.v. or listening to the radio, we can’t escape it whether we want to or not and it really is having an affect on our wellbeing.

Paint has always been a quick and fairly inexpensive way to change our homes instantly.  Never underestimate a coat of paint used in the right way,  the right paint colour can create the illusion of space or envelop you leaving you feeling safe and cocooned, you can rely on colour to really change your space into something special.

I’ve put together a few colour boards that I’m already planning in 2021.   

Although blue is considered a cool colour. This soft understated wash of colour is so calming and not at all cold.  Where to use it:  Think of bedrooms in eau de nil, or cabinetry in a gloss finish or a soft wash of colour.  Pair it with: Rich rusts or natural woods for a textural and relaxed vibe.

There’s no denying this is a look that many of us will have seen on instagram.  Mix  light woods with deeper conker wood in furnishings and add touches of black for depth or various tones of white for a light and airy space.  Cozy contentment would sum this look up.

Nourishing neutrals that sooth and restore us.  This is my favourite colour palette at the moment.   These colours are easy to live with and will co-ordinate well with the staple grey that everyone has bought into in some form or other.  It takes the warmth of these colours to really break away from the grey concrete boxes we created for ourselves when the colour grey seemed to take the world by storm.

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