Booking a consultation is the first step to making a change to your home that you can start now!

Clients love how useful this is. Ideas they never would have thought of that they can put into action right away.  

Get on the spot answers to your design questions and solve problems that stop you from moving on with your project.

Consultation Fee £190



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  • Schedule a consultation with a day and time that suits you and whether you prefer a Video Consultation or Home Visit
  • Watch your email for a response from me.  Before we meet, I’d like to get to know a bit about you and what you would like to get out of our time together and the help you need, by filling out a Design Questionnaire.
  • Submit your Design Questionnaire along with any relevant images.  Answer what you can, it may not all be relevant so don’t worry about answering everything.
  • At the scheduled time of our consultation you may want to make notes as we go along and take advantage of all the useful tips and design ideas.  Don’t worry if you forget, as I will follow up on everything.
  • You will receive via email a follow up of our consultation and I will pass on any resources I may have for you.
  • A walk through consultation with on the spot advice.
  • A follow up on what we discussed (via email) because you won’t always remember and it’s good to have the ideas and suggestions written out.
  • The chance of an opt in follow up to see how you’re getting on or to take your project to the next step.

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