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Choosing a colour scheme for your new home is exciting but picking out paint colours can be exhausting.  You have an idea of what you would like in your living room but does it go with your furnishings?   Or maybe you aren’t sure what colours will  co-ordinate in rooms leading off this.

Which is why most new home owners stay in their comfort zone.  They’re worried they’ll make a mistake and have to repaint it all again,  what they end up with is the new version of magnolia, a shade of grey.  

Follow these simple steps to a new home colour scheme you’ve always wanted and we will have you painting  your new home with confidence.

Where to Begin with your New Home Colour Scheme

When planning a colour scheme for your new home, take some time to have a planned colour palette that flows from room to room.  This doesn’t mean you have to have the same colours throughout.  

Grab a pen and paper and let’s get started.   Think about how you use the space, is it during the day or in the evenings mostly?   What activities will take place?  

This will determine whether you want a cosy, cocooned feel for snuggling up on the sofa in the evenings or maybe it’s used mostly during the day and you want a bright and airy feel, a quiet place to work/study or listen to music.

new home colours

Pay Attention To Light

When you first move in, take time to get a feel for the rooms in your home, there’s no need to rush.  By doing this you will discover which rooms you use the most and how you  use them.   A lot of the time if the kitchen is at the heart of the home and if there’s a seating area, you may find this the most occupied room in the hous.  In which case you may want to think of zoning open plan areas i.e. living and dining with a slight change or depth of colour.  

You will also notice how much light comes into the room and whether it’s north or south facing etc.  If it’s a north facing room, I tend to choose a rich colour as it won’t change a thing by going with the brightest white, it still won’t look bright.  So better to embrace it and choose a gorgeous colour you love.

Tips & Tricks To Use Colour

Paint colour is one of the easiest and cost effective ways to make a big impact in your home.  You can use colour to correct the shape of a room or disguise ugly features that you wouldn’t want to highlight.

If you have a small room and want to make it feel bigger, try painting the skirting board the same colour as the walls to push out the boundaries.  This really works.  Or paint the skirting board darker than the wall colour.  Choose a colour that is sympathetic to the colour of your walls for the coving and go lighter on the ceiling to elongate and draw your eye upwards. 

Paint in radiators the same colour as your walls, you don’t need to draw attention to ugly radiators.  The same goes for anything else you want to disguise in your home.

Colour Trends for New Homes

When choosing colour, try not to go with current trends UNLESS it’s a colour you really like, as you will be tired looking at it and everyone will have the same idea.


My New Home Colour Picks

I know greys are everywhere at the moment and I have purposely been straying away from these simply because I am tired looking at them.   However, there are a few timeless, elegant greys I still like to use in my toolkit if you’re interested in trying them out.

Warm Light Greys For Cosy Spaces

Choose shades that have a touch of yellow in them.

My Pick: Farrow & Ball London Stone or Joa’s White.

Where to use them:  East and west facing rooms.

For Colours That Bounce Light.

My pick: Farrow & Ball New White or White Tie

For a soft illumination.

Where to use them: As a fresh white to bring warmth to a room.


Cool, light greys for a bright and fresh feel.

My pick: Farrow & Ball Blackened, Dimpse or Ammonite

Where to use them: Small sunny rooms.

Warm, dark greys can look inviting.  

My pick: Farrow & Ball Charleston Gray.  I also love Hague Blue or Railings

Where to use them:  North facing rooms for a cocooned feel.  Great in bedrooms or cosy living spaces.


What are your plans for a colour scheme in your new home?  Do you love trying out new paint colours or does it throw you into a paint colour meltdown?  Maybe you’ve gone down the road of staying neutral and adding in bold splashes of colour here and there with your furnishings.

Or maybe you dream of having the perfect paint colours created for you without the headaches.


paint colour scheme


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