home decoration

  • March Home Checklist

          March Home Checklist – Get Organised KITCHEN Clear out old spices and old stock in your food cupboard LIVING ROOM Air or dry clean your curtains if they need it and freshen up carpet or wood floors BATHROOM Treat yourself to a new candle!  Refresh your bathroom with a new coat of […]


  • Help Decorating New Build

    Decorating your new build can seem daunting, some can’t wait to get started and others feel overwhelmed. Along with your busy lives you want/need to find time to create the home of your dreams or at the very least, the home that suits your lifestyle.  This is your chance to get it right! In brief, […]


  • Paint colours for your home

    Paint Colours for  your Home How do you choose paint colours for your home? Do you Try out paint samples on the wall which ends in a confusing mess Think it looked good on Pinterest/in your friend’s home/in a magazine Result to asking your painter/decorator what the ‘in’ colour is at the moment Just want […]