Hi all, I hope you’re keeping well. Choosing paint colours and outside paint colours has been one of the top design services I’ve been doing over the last few months. And I’m delighted to share with you this beautiful Georgian inspired family home which was looking a bit sad and my client really wanted help in choosing a paint colour for the outside of the house.

So we set to work on discovering the best colour that would suit my client’s brief – from drab to fab!


Simple Tips for Choosing Outside Paint Colours

It’s important to take into consideration the house and it’s surroundings. I knew it received a lot of light and was set back in from the road with a landscaped backdrop. So it’s worth taking the time to notice your homes surroundings and the elements that won’t change i.e. the roof tiles, stonework or a gravel pathway for example.

The architectural style of your home, is it a period style and do you want to highlight the trim or give it a more modern feel by painting details the same overall colour?

You may have a gravel pathway in warm tones (beige, pink or browns) or cool tones (greys, blue and black), this may help form your colour palette.

Outside Paint Colour Inspiration

You may already know whether you want a light, mid tone or dark colour but if you struggle with even knowing what you would like then Pinterest is a great way to get you started. Warning – you can lose days on here ;). It’s fantastic!

Choosing your Outside Paint Colour

So now you have narrowed it down to what you like, you need to paint your colours onto large samples and place them outdoors (not in direct sunlight) in a few different places to see how the light affects the colour. Do Not rely on colour cards or chips. Paint 2 x coats of paint onto a large piece of card and look at this at various times of the day and under different weather conditions. Generally you can go a few shades darker as the colour blanches in daylight, but it is important to test this out – don’t skip this step!

What Colour to Paint the Outside Trim

Choosing a colour for the outside trim will depend on the look you are going for. A monochromatic look i.e. painting the trim and main overall colour in the same hue provides an elegant and modern approach. Or perhaps you want to really emphasise the architectural features with a complementary colour. You can go with a contrasting colour or combine a few shades lighter or darker from the same colour family for a more traditional feel. Take into consideration whether you live in a rural landscape or near the sea and take your inspiration from this to develop a beautiful colour palette.

What Colour to Paint your Front Door

The classics – Painting your front door in Black, Navy or Red will withstand the test of time. I also love to choose a colour that gives a little hint of your colour scheme when you step inside.

Be bold when choosing colour for your front door. If you have a colour that you really love but would be too afraid to use it indoors, then go for it. Painting a door is a small commitment.

Buy the right paint – It’s important to invest in the right paint finish as you home is exposed to all the elements so don’t skimp on this.

Be Bold and Have Fun

If you have put some thought and preparation into planning your colours you can afford to go out of your comfort zone and have some fun with it. It’s only paint, not the end of the world.

From drab to fab!

exterior paint colour
Georgian style family home

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