Let’s hope the weather is going to remember it’s summer and the sun starts shining again. And we will be ready! Patio and garden furniture cleaned- check. Barbecue raring to go – check New cushions ready to make an appearance – check. So let’s get on with ways of styling it up and maybe we will encourage the sun to come out 😉

The Outdoor Setting

Just like your living room, create a focal point in your outside space and build around it. This can be how your furniture is placed outside, is it directly facing the patio doors or off centre? Lead a trail outside with potted plants or lanterns. Create height with taller plants or trees behind your seating area.

Outdoor Lighting

String lights through your pergola if you have one, or loop them onto shepherd hooks for a magical look in the summer evenings. You can even get solar floor lamps for that lived in look.

Choosing Outdoor Furniture

If you’ve being trying to buy new garden furniture, I know it has been difficult , but make do with what you have and either paint it to freshen it up or add comfy cushions and throws to take the bad look off it. Choose furniture that is multi-purpose. I love adding stools that double up as side tables to place drinks. Or a fire pit that is also a coffee table.

Bring out the bar cart to really style it up and set up drinks and snacks to entertain friends. Dunelm have an excellent priced one and you can bring it inside to use as it doesn’t take up much space.

Dunelm bar cart https://www.dunelm.com/product/pimlico-antique-brass-drinks-trolley-1000081972

Create an Outside Breakfast Nook

Set up a little breakfast nook or small table and chairs where you can soak up the early sun and enjoy your morning coffee.

Layer Your Outdoor Space

I love adding an outdoor rug to the space. This really makes a difference and you can choose a natural textured rug or something bright and fun. Try Wayfair for these. https://www.wayfair.co.uk/keyword.php?keyword=outdoor+rug&class_id=

Choose cushions in your chosen colour theme, palm leaves are still on trend if you have these from last year and just add a few textured or metallic cushions for interest. A couple of throws always come in handy when the clouds hide the sun or you want to stay outside a bit longer.

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