Working from home made easy with these quick updates. Create a space to work in that you aren’t embarrassed about when you need to take that video call.

Spruce up with a fresh coat of paint, it’s one of the cheapest ways of making an impact.

Need help with choosing a colour click here for an online colour consultation

We could be in this for the long haul, treat yourself to a new desk.

Brighten up your day with flowers, or a plant, somewhere to rest your eyes off the screen.

Add a scented candle when you need energising. I like to light mine when I first sit down to start working.

Invest in a comfortable chair or use one of your dining chairs if you are spending long periods of time at your desk.

Prop your laptop onto books to prevent hunching over. This really works!

Hang artwork on the wall behind you, you might as well have something nice hanging behind you than a blank wall.

A screen divider is excellent for zoning off areas and hiding the clutter of everyday life.

The good news is, the weather should be getting warmer soon and we will be able to set up our workspaces outdoors for a change of scenery!

Stay safe and stay strong everyone x

If you need help choosing a few pieces for your home office the furniture only service may be just what you need. Delivered to your doorstep with no physical contact.

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